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Our Team

Ebony J Karim


Ebony J. Karim is a businesswoman, health advocate, public speaker and private sector consultant. Her educational background in the biological sciences fueled her passion for health and wellness as she founded Embarkus Executive Wellness.


Sadiyah Hill

President & Director of Mental Health

Whether you’re looking for a new and innovative method to practice being "present and in the moment", our clinical professional Coach Guru, Sadiyah Hill is our go-to person for all your mental health needs.

Sadiyah Photoshoot-with coat.jpg

Bryan Lockley

Director of Technology, Performance and Innovation

Looking for a great Wellness Specialist who really knows what your body needs? Bryan Lockley, an Exercise Physiologist has been an influential part of our business, providing clients with the personalized attention they need to fulfill their wellness goals.


Ashley Fettig

Lead Wellness Practitioner 

Ashley Fettig is our Wellness Expert and one of our most popular team members, well respected by our staff and clients alike. Ashley is passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle — attitudes we value greatly at Embarkus Wellness.

Ashley Back pic.jpg
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